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Cuba Cycling Holiday with a twist…

Cuba Cycling Holidays - Caribbean Flair by Bike - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

Caribbean Flair by Bike

This 12 day tour is our Cuba Cycling Holiday that takes you to the beautiful eastern side of the island. You will be given the opportunity discover Cuba’s stunning landscapes and immerse yourself in a new and fascinating culture.

  • 12 days, 1-15 participants
  • Accommodation included
  • Tour guide included

All our Cycling Holidays, including the 12 day Caribbean Flair by Bike, are designed by our Cuban colleagues in Cuba. Whether you cycle professionally or just in your free time, you will have the opportunity to actively discover enchanting East Cuba. Your holiday will start upon your arrival in the eastern city of Holguín and the first stretch will involve cycling to Bayamo. You will then cycle through the impressive landscapes at the foot of the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range. Enjoy cycling under the sparkling Caribbean sun with the tropical breeze in your hair encouraging you to keep pedalling. Caribbean Flair by Bike is the perfect way to stay active as you explore the delights of Cuba, without falling the normal tourist routes.

Highlights of Caribbean Flair by Bike


Cuba Cycling Holidays - Baracoa - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

Caribbean Flair by Bike takes you to Baracoa, the oldest town in the whole of Cuba! Christopher Columbus dropped anchor here in 1492 and left a wooden cross on the beach which can now be seen in the “Catedral Nuestra Señora”. Approximately 20 years after Columbus’ arrival on the island, Diego Velázquez founded Baracoa as Cuba’s first settlement and named it thecapital city. Just four years later, Baracoa lost its title to Santiago de Cuba, but certainly did not lose any of its charm. Until the 1970s, Baracoa remained a hidden treasure, as the town could only be reached by sea. Today, the road leading to the sleepy town is a true delight thanks to the surrounding lush and tropical landscapes. However, even today it seems that Baracoa largely remains one of the world’s best kept secrets!

Playa Verraco

Cuba Cycling Holidays - Playa Verraco - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

During your Caribbean Flair by Bike Holiday, you can relax on one of Cuba’s prettiest beaches, Playa Verraco. You are sure to have an authentic experience because, unlike the beaches of Varadero or Guardalavaca, you will not be surrounded by tourists, but rather local Cuban families. At Sprachcaffe, we realise that mixing with the locals is the best way to experience Cuba first-hand. The beautiful white sand is bound to entice you from afar as you approach this stunning beach on your 35km bike ride.  Once you reach Playa Verraco, you can spend the rest of the day swimming in the deep blue sea. The lush vegetation on the beach also offers plenty of shady spots for the perfect relaxation. On our Cuba Cycling Holidays, you can relax on one of the most beautiful beaches in the whole of Cuba while embracing the Caribbean spirit and charm.


Cuba Cycling Holidays - Bayamo - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

It is not all about pedalling on our Cycling Holidays, there will also be a chance to discover the fascinating history of Cuba. Right at the start of this tour, you will visit Bayamo, a city steeped in history. It was the second city founded by the Spanish conquisitor, Diego Velázquez, in 1513, which lead to a violent uprising from the Indian chief Hatuey whose tribe was settled there. Other rebellions followed, for example that of the slave population a few centuries later. However, it was the fact that Cuban Independence was kick-started in Bayamo that earned its status as the “rebellious city”. On 20 October 1868, Carlos Manuel de Céspedes and his fellow nationalists proclaimed Bayamo the capital of the Republic after seizing the city.Pedro Figueredo, one of these nationalists,also composed “La Bayamesa” at this time which was later introduced asCuba’s National Anthem after gaining independence from Spain in 1902.