Reggaeton Classes in Cuba

Reggaeton Kuba

Learn to dance Cuban reggaeton on a holiday in Cuba with Sprachcaffe! This exciting mix of music invites you to let loose and shake your hips like a native Caribbean islander. At our Cuban dance classes you will discover the fun involved in this explosive dance form inspired by reggae, Jamaican dance-hall, American hip-hop, salsa, merengue, bachata, and bomba. These various genres were blended together in Puerto Rico roughly 10 years ago and ever since this rhythmic, explosive music has dominated many modern discos, night-clubs and dance-schools.

The lyrics from the songs are mostly in Spanish and expressed in a chanting style similar to rap. The often challenging and confrontational lyrics are set to music with stirring and rousing melodies. Cuban reggaeton is often peppered with social criticism and thorny messages, most of which are cryptic; it speaks to the youth and exile communities outside Cuba.

Learning reggaeton in our Cuban dancing school allows you to really be immersed in the world of modern-day Latin-American culture. Feel this exotic mix of styles for yourself and let one of our professional Cuba dance instructors  teach you about the history and hidden sub-culture behind Cuban reggaeton, along with how to move like a local, during your daily Cuban dance classes.

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