Cuban Salsa Classes in Cuba

Salsa Courses in Cuba

Learn to dance like a native with Cuban salsa classes! The word salsa originates from the Spanish word for 'sauce' and refers to a Latin-American music and dance style that has roots in ancient African rituals, 16th century Spanish conquistadors and 20th century dance clubs on the East Coast of the USA. In the 1960's, expat Latinos communities in New York combined the sounds of their home countries - from mambo to bachata, to rumba and son - to form a hot and spicy fusion of Cuban dancing and rhythms (derived from African slaves and Spanish invaders) with other Central and Latin American music. This new style rapidly spread across America before taking over Europe and now Cuban dance classes are a popular activity all over the world. Cuban Salsa, or salsa cubana, is an exciting and extremely vibrant musical genre that encapsulates the deep culture and history of Cuba.

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