"Cuba on 2 Wheels" Cycling Holiday

Caribbean Flair!

  • 12 Days
  • Participants: 1-15
  • Guaranteed departure tour

Each product from our Bike Tours Cuba range, including the 12-day tour “On 2 Wheels”, are planned by our knowledgeable local travel experts to ensure you get the most out of your time on the island. Cycle Cuba's Eastern region on this active and exciting holiday and get to grips with the true natural beauty of the island. You will start your tour in Holguin, a city in the province of the same name and continue cycling to the beautiful region of Bayamo. One here, you will cycle through the magnificent scenery at the foot of the Sierra Maestra where the true Caribbean flair of the island can be witnessed through the exceptional tropical flora and fauna. With these cycling holidays in Cuba you will be allowed a view of the island driven by untouched, natural beauty that is experienced in a healthy and active way. Through this nature-driven bike tour you will be removed away from the main tourist routes allowing you to get up close and personal with the island's ancient, thriving landscape that has been inhabiting the island for many more years than humans.


Rebellious Bayamo

On our cycling holidays in Cuba you won't just be pedaling, you will also learn a lot about the history of Cuba. From the beginning of your cycling holiday you will be introduced to the rich historical heritage of the city of Bayamo. Bayamo was founded in 1513 and was the second of the seven 'villas' established in Cuba by Spanish conqueror Diego Velazquez.  Its founding was followed by the first major indigenous rebellion against the Spanish, led by chieftain Hatuey. Further slave rebellions followed some time later before Bayamo became a mojor player in the Cuban revolution. The local nationalist Carlos Manuel de Cespedes, amongst others, conquered Bayamo in 1868 and on the 20 October they declared it the capital city of the new republic. Pedro Figueredo later composed the song “La Bayamesa” as a tribute to the city's role in the revolution and after the declaration of independence from Spain in 1902 the song was made the official national anthem of Cuba. This history has led Bayamo to be known by Cubans as the “rebellious city”. During these bike tours of Cuba we will stay at a beautiful colonial hotel in the heart of Bayamo, next to  Parque Cespedes, really giving you a feel for this historically important city.

Playa Verraco

It won't be all activity on these cycling holidays in Cuba, you will also have the chance to relax on the beautiful white sand beach of Playa Verraco. Plunge into the true Caribbean beach-life here, where unlike Varadero or Guardalavaca, you will be mainly among local Cubans. Take a dip in the sea or bask under the warm Caribbean sun surrounded by the sounds of local Cuban life. You will be arriving at Playa Verraco after having cycled 35 km, so we will be spending the rest of the day here so you can recharge your batteries. Enjoy the laid-back Caribbean feeling during this part on our bike tours of Cuba and unwind on one of the most stunning beaches on the island.

Baracoa: Cuba´s Oldest City

These cycling tours of Cuba will take you to the oldest settlement in Cuba, Baracoa. Christopher Columbus landed here in 1492 on his first voyage to the Americas and erected a wooden cross on the beach. This cross still stands proud in the local church “Catedral Nuestra Senora de la Asuncion” which was built around the cross some years later. Almost 20 years after Columbus' arrival in the area, the town of Baracoa was established by the conquistador, Diego Velazquez. It was the first official settlement in Cuba and was the country's first capital for a mere four years. Later, Baracoa had to give up its status as capital city and pass it on to Santiago de Cuba. Baracoa, the city engulfed by mountains, remained a hidden world only reachable by boat for many years to follow. It only became accessible by road in the seventies when one was built through the mountains reuniting Baracoa with the rest of Cuba. This picturesque ancient city, shrouded in mystery and history and surrounded by lush tropical landscape, is well worth a visit during your cycling holidays in Cuba.

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