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Are you looking to combine dance with travel? Then take a look at our Dance Holidays!

Dance Courses with Cuban Music

Without music, dance and rhythm, the Cubans would be incomplete. Likewise, your holiday would not be the same without them either. Soak up the sounds and rhythms of the Caribbean with our dance courses in Havana. Whichever style of dance is your favourite; whether it be Salsa, Tango, Reggaeton, Bachata or Merengue, we have it covered. Our professional dancers will take you into the world of dance, with or without a partner. All our dance courses take place Monday-Friday and will begin by determining your preferences and ability, so your course can be tailored to your individual needs. For beginners there will be some easier warm-up exercises to gently ease you into the world of dancing.

Our Dance Courses in Havana:

Salsa Courses

Salsa Cubana - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

Our Dance Courses give you the chance to learn the Cuban Salsa right here in its birthplace. The classes take place in our “Ritmo Cubano” dance school in the heart of Havana.

The word “salsa” originates from the Spanish word for “sauce”, representing the blend of rhythms that we can hear in salsa music. Salsa originally stemmed from the “Son” music style which has been combined with other genres to create the salsa that we know and love today. Salsa is well spread across the whole of the Caribbean and each country adds their own twist to the original Cuban rhythms. In Cuba itself, a new quicker style of Salsa developed from an exciting and vibrant mix of Funk, Nueva Trova, Hip Hop, Jazz, called Timba.

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Tango Courses

Tango - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

Our Tango Courses in Cuba offer you the opportunity to learn this elegant partner dance with your professional dance teacher. The tango was first created in Buenos Aires and Montevideo in the 19th century. It has gone from a simple folk dance to a sophisticated dance style, celebrated and danced all over the world today. There are various forms of the dance; from Argentine Tango to European Tango.

Our dance courses will teach you the Argentine Tango. Whether you are looking to build on what you already know, or learn totally from scratch, our Tango Courses are sure to add a special touch to your holiday in Cuba.

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Reggaeton Courses

Reggaeton - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

Reggaeton is a passionate dance that was first developed approximately 10 years ago in Puerto Rico and stems from a variety of different rhythms. The lyrics of Reggaeton songs are mostly in Spanish and in a chanting style similar to rap. Cuban Reggateon often contains hidden social criticisms and primarily speaks to the youth and Cuban exile communities. The dance itself is inspired by Jamaican Dance Hall, American Hip Hop, Salsa, Bomba, Merengue and Bachata. Take one of our Reggaeton Dance Courses and experience this fascinating mix of music for yourself.

In our Dance Courses you can learn all about Reggaeton in a Cuban context. The lessons take place in our “Ritmo Cubano” dance school. A professional teacher can take you through the steps and rhythms from scratch or build on what knowledge you may already have.

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Merengue & Bachata Courses

Bachata - Merengue - Sprachcaffe Cuba Travel

Learn to dance the Bachata and the Merengue at our „Ritmo Cubano“ dance school. The Bachata dance dates back to the 1960s when it was first created in the Dominican Republic with roots from the Cuban and Caribbean Bolero. It was originally developed as a dance for couples and was danced to romantic guitar music. With the influence of the Merengue, Bachata quickly became accepted as a dance and music style.

The Merengue originates from the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Puerto Rico. Just like Bachata music, the Merengue often talks of unrequited love, passion or sometimes of social and political criticisms. Take one of our dance tours and listen for yourself!

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